Monday, September 15, 2008

How to fight effectively

If you want to have an effect in the fight against Obama there is a saying you should keep in mind while you fight. "Hold your friends close and your enemies closer". By that I mean, embrace your target. The best way to punish someone rich is to make them poor.

I don't know if you have noticed as I have that web ads are everywhere promoting Obama. In fact, there is probably one being served as you read this on this blog. He has ads offering Obama pins, signs, and the like. I hope you realize that these ads are paid ads and they actually cost the sponsor money. In other words, if you click he pays. Clicking on ads that support Obama doesn't mean you have to vote for him and it won't somehow make you a bad person. I routinely sign up for buttons, signs, and tshirts. They send them for free. When they show up in the mail I usually throw the buttons and signs away and give the shirts to the homeless.

Now of course the folks at Google are smart folks and if you click and click it doesn't do anything but if you "click through" meaning they delivered you as someone who is interested he gets billed. So here is your chance to actually help Obama help the poor. Examine every ad you see from Obama and sign up for all his give aways. If you get something like a shirt give it to the homeless and the rest.....well it is fall and those signs sure do make good (but somewhat expensive) fire starters! If you love McCain help him by learning all you can about Obama....If you get my drift.

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